CyberChart Screen Shot 16 June 2020.JPG

Australian Cyber Security Infrastructure Chart (June 2020)

The Australian Cyber Security Infrastructure Chart aims to summarise publicly available information about key Commonwealth Government and related activities and programs relevant to Cyber Security in Australia at the date of publication. The intention is to create useful overview. The Chart has not been reviewed or approved by relevant agencies. Some judgement has been exercised in selecting content. The latest version is v 1.3 which now references  AEMO,  FIRB (due to the changes to threshold and new national security test under consultation), FS_ISAC, CyRise and some additions to APRA and ASIC. The Chart may contain some inaccuracies, errors or omissions. 


You can download the latest copy here.


If you notice any omissions or learn of any developments for inclusion in the next edition please email